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Rod Walker
United States
I have been involved inThe Arts since childhood.
I started occasionally receiving payments for my work in The Arts while still in my teens.
Sharing my expressions in the visual arts in this fashion is a relatively new adventure for me.
My best successes have been in performing and literary arts fields.
Few things in life give me greater pleasure than engaging in creative process.

Whatever the medium, it is when we engage in creative process, whether alone or in concert with others, that we come closest to manifesting our own divine nature.

realizing a fantasy (a creative process)

Journal Entry: Mon May 2, 2011, 10:23 AM
this journal entry is intended to provide an in-depth description for my work, daybreak fantasy

Mature Content

daybreak fantasy by feadil

sources for elements employed are cited as recalled.
most images are linked to detailed (sometimes larger) views.


i am working here with a six year old acer notebook computer which is barely adequate to the task.

over time, i have learned to do a lot of problem solving, developing work-around solutions to compensate for the limitations of the hardware and software at my disposal.


as i have indicated elsewhere, i've had a long-held appreciation for the works of Maxfield Parrish. wiki

my earlier homage to his work, a la maxfield parrish a la maxfield parrish by feadil was executed entirely from memory.
for this work, however, i kept an image of his original painting, daybreak, available as reference.


with POSER 5, (my computer is not capable of handling more recent versions,) figure elements are created:

a background environment utilizing DAZ's MPCyclorama:
figure: mpcyc background by feadil

a neo-classical "temple" set, borrowing the ground element from DAZ's Telrunya and the columns element from (un-recalled source) Gothic Spa:
figure: daybreak temple by feadil
(personally customized textures)

a "firelizard" morphed from DAZ's Millenium Dragon with application of Lyrra's Dragon Jewels (topaz, in this case) custom textures:
figure: firelizard by feadil

my "rodfae" figure originally created for my "moonlit fantasy" images: DAZ's M3 with personally customized morphs and textures, DAZ's Classic Fairy Wings, and DAZ's Markus Hair:
figure: rodfae by feadil

and finally, a modified version of my "gothfae" figure, originally created for works i've only recently realized i've not uploaded to dA; DAZ's M3 with personally customized morphs and textures, and DAZ's Wedge-cut 2 Hair:
figure: gothfae by feadil


still in POSER 5, all of the figure elements are positioned/arranged, lighting and camera angles are set:
3d scene setup by feadil

multiple renders (for reasons which will become apparent as this journal entry progresses,) are generated.
first, only the background environment is visible:
background layer by feadil

next, matte reference images (renders without textures and bump maps applied to figures  and no shadows, set against a solid color background,) and background reference images (renders with textures, bump maps and shadows, using the initial background environment render as a background image,) are generated for selected remaining figure elements;

matte reference examples:
mref output: firelizard by feadil mref output rodfae by feadil

background reference example:
bref output: firelizard by feadil
(figures which might cast shadows upon the desired figure are included in these renders)


switching now to COREL PHOTO-PAINT,
matte masks are generated from matte reference images:
mask: firelizard by feadil mask: all figures by feadil

the resulting masks are used to "lift" elements from background reference images to be brought together as layer objects in a new image:
layering screencap 1 by feadil

this provides the ability to adjust qualities of individual elements employed.
in particular, it helps me work-around depth-of-field aka depth-of-focus issues.
all objects are combined with the background and the resulting image is copied to the clipboard


the image is next imported from the clipboard into FOTOSKETCHER:
FotoSketcher screencap by feadil
where it is converted into both a watercoler styled image, and a pencil sketch styled image:
fotosketcher watercolor output by feadil pencilsketch output by feadil


back in COREL PHOTO-PAINT, the output from the previous step are brought together as object layers:
layering screencap 2 by feadil

blur, hue, tone, and opacity qualities of the object layers are manipulated and they are all combined with the background.

i, personally, am quite pleased with this work ... thank you for your attention,


  • Listening to: the music in my head
  • Reading: signs along the way
  • Watching: the wheels go round and round
  • Playing: existential bingo
  • Eating: neo-symbolic stir-fry
  • Drinking: neo-classical mocha coffee

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